Virtual Skin Consultations

Due to COVID19, we understand a lot of clients are not comfortable coming into our studio in person yet, or perhaps you don't live locally. We will be offering our consultations virtually through Zoom or Facetime. A lot of people are facing chronic skin issues from stress, the use of masks, and overindulgent diets (I know I've been there!) Even if you are staying home, that does not mean you can't get good skin. Start now, and by the time quarantine is over, you'll be getting compliments on your glowing complexion. Imagine the confidence you will feel once we are all back out in the world.


Whether your concerns be acne, rosacea, anti-aging and more, an hour is customized entirely for you.


I am a Certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality, the best acne program around. With a 90% guarantee rate, you will be acne free in 3-4 months. You must be committed in order for this to work and stay on top of our homecare routine. The homecare plan is not included in these prices- expect to pay around $150-175 to receive quality, acne-safe products.

Acne Consultation- 60 mins ($60)

Do you struggle with acne? You're not alone! 60 million Americans today struggle with severe congestion, scarring, and pigmentation. Acne is a genetic disease and there is no cure for it, only ways to manage it with the right lifestyle and products. We will come up with a plan for you to significantly reduce breakouts. Lifestyle and diet choices will also be discussed. You will leave with a home care protocol and 12 week plan of action.

Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Consultation- 60 mins ($60)

What is rosacea? Rosacea is classified by red, rosy cheeks. You tend to flush a lot and may even get inflamed bumps. This condition affects 415 million people worldwide. There is currently no cure for Rosacea. The best way to “Treat” rosacea is to care for the symptoms and use the correct products. Avoiding lifestyle triggers are also extremely important. You will leave with a home care protocol and plan of action.

Anti-Aging Consultation- 60 mins ($60)

Is anti aging your main concern? If your skin is relatively normal and healthy, but you are worried about preventing fine lines and wrinkles, this would be a great consultation. We will discuss the best products to use for your concerns, as well as the lifestyle triggers that can lead to glycation, or early aging. 

Custom Consultation- 60 mins ($60)

If you aren't sure what your skin needs, or perhaps it has multiple concerns, this is the perfect consultation for you.