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Eyebrow Wax

Waxing Services

If you've ever found yourself having irritation to wax that was too hot or made with too many unnatural chemicals- look no further.

Here at Skincare by Emilia we offer hair removal to leave the skin refreshed and without irritation. Our wax is low temperature and gentle on the skin. We only use hypoallergenic wax and have a vegan option as well.

We use hard wax for all of our services- hard wax only adheres to the hair and not the skin, and is gentler for sensitive skin types.

We end all of our wax services with a hydrating and antibacterial cooling gel.


Arms (Half) $35

Arms (Full) $60

Back $65

Bikini $45

Bikini French $55

Brazilian (Female Only) $75

Brow Wax $20

Chest $40

Chin $15

Full Face (No Brows) $40

Full Face (W/ Brows) $58

Legs (Half) $45

Legs (Full) $80

Lip $12

Neck $18

Nose $12

Sideburns $15

Stomach $35

Underarms $22

*Additional services may be available upon request.

Add On's

Ingrown Hair Treatment $55​

*Includes a custom exfoliation and extractions of ingrown hairs,

as well as high frequency, a hydrating masque and lightening products

for any area that struggles with ingrown hairs.


How should I prepare for my waxing appointment?

We suggest to lightly exfoliate the area to be waxed 24-48 hours before your appointment, but not the day of.  If you are worried about the discomfort, we suggest taking ibuprofen an hour before your appointment.

The hair should be 1/4 to 1/2" (but not shorter or longer) to properly wax, or as long as a grain of rice. This insures the wax can properly adhere to the hair, but if it's too long it can be painful, so we recommend trimming before your appointment if the hair is over 1/2". Make sure it's at least 1/4" though!​

Please note, we are unable to wax you if you have been on Accutane within the past year. Make sure you are off any Retin-A or retinoid products 1 week before your appointment and have not had a chemical peel or microdermabrasian within 2 weeks (for facial hair removal). 


Certain medications and products can make the skin thinner. Consult with your doctor if you are unsure you are a good candidate.

​It is fine to get waxed if you are pregnant, nursing, or on your menstrual cycle- but please note your skin may be more sensitive!.

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